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Monday, August 31, 2009


Yes, the kids started school on the same day that the moving truck came and unloaded! It was a little crazy... The movers were awesome though, and unloaded quickly and efficiently with Maya scurrying underfoot and me trying to unpack and point out which boxes went where at the same time. Here is our family room opening up to the kitchen-
The master bedrooms here are all on the first floor. I'm not sure how I feel about 3 kids alone upstairs? But I guess we will hear their footsteps if they decide to throw a midnight party!
Our outdoor patio and un-fenced pool (need to get that fixed quickly!)

Our garage. In Texas they apparently do not have basements! Oh no, where are we going to put all our "stuff" that doesn't have a place!?
The family room (I think they call it a den or gameroom) is upstairs, soon to be filled with toys I supposed!

The 3 bedrooms upstairs- first the guest room (like the wall mural?:)
Here is Vivi and Maya's before we moved in:

Me painting it *pink* the day before-
Moving day was better than Christmas for these kids!!! All their beloved toys that they hadn't seen in however many months!!! Maya went crazy for her baby!!!

Maya bebe! Maya bebe! Maya bebe! (repeated many times:)-

Tonito's room before moving in:
I just couldn't get it done in one day, but shortly after I painted the bottom a darker blue. It will eventually be the ocean in a pirate-themed room.

Unpacking boxes, but still unsure where the contents should go...

Still playing with bebe!

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Anonymous said...

Maya is cute with her bebe! But, the boxes give me nightmares from all the moves we've had! Good luck organizing everything! Love, Mom