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Saturday, August 1, 2009

We love Guavas and Parks in the Mountains!

Maya eats guayabas (guavas) like they are grapes- fast and in large quantities. I think she does so well with them because she doesn't chew the seeds (she tends to stuff her mouth and then swallow). The other kids eat them very slowly, trying to grind every single seed to a pulp. I think Maya ate 3 by the time the other kids finished just one.

We had a beautiful Saturday at a park in the nearby green mountains. There was a little zoo:

Lots of brightly painted playgrounds contrasted the natural green:

And the kids were in awe with the natural beauty of the forested mountains:

We hiked and found that the river was very low, due to the drought in Mexico City right now. If you click on the picture to make it bigger you can see 2 huge black bulls coming to drink in the river. A minute after we left they took our place on this side of the stream:

This little stream winding through the green grass used to be a raging river almost as wide as the first picture:

After a long hike, the kids played a while on the long green slide at the entrance of the park, while 'ita and mommy collected green eucalyptus leaves from all of the surrounding trees to make a tea later on:

After naps we hada lazy afternoon reading books and playing on our mini-computers while mommy and 'ita made dinner (which was really a Mexican lunch eaten at 5pm):

What a great day, visiting a park that Tonio used to camp at when he was in Scouts!

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