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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Creepy MASKS

We went to the Ciudadela Market in downtown Mexico City, in search of some artesanias (my accents don't work here). Here are the boys looking at "quimeras," also called "alebrijes." These are mystical creatures that appeared in the dream of someone, and now are thought to scare away bad dreams. We ahve a couple at home, and we got a couple more: they are really intricately hand-painted animals in fantastically bright colors.

Tonio loves masks, and collects them from different countries (although we have the most from Mexico!). We have bought from this little stand in the Ciudadela before, but I don't remember them as being so scary last time!? Most of these masks would freak me out if they were hanging in my home, but apparently some people like them (um, my husband included).

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Anonymous said...

Weren't your kids scared of the masks? They're very cool but scary looking. Mom