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Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Beach

Last night we swam in the warm pool. The kids were very proud ot show off their newfound skills. Tonito can swim the width of the pool by himself, can jump in the deep end and swim to the edge, just learned how to do a cannonball, and can open his eyes underwater! (he's our fish) Vivi can blow bubbles, can plug her nose and put her face in the water and *sometimes* go underwater all the way, and can jump in the shallow end while holding our hands. She is more cautious, but has greatly reduced her fear of water this summer! Maya tell us she's going to do "bubbles," but then just drinks the water:). She likes to be held and pretend to jump in holding your hands, or else rides around in her little "barco." The best invention yet has been our "floatie vests," which aren't officially PFDs, but keep the kids afloat and help them work on their swimming so I don't have to hold all 3.

On Sunday, we went to the beach. It was a hot and windy day, but there was barely anyone swimming or playing in the sand where we were- so Boo and Mingo could go off leash the whole time! They loved it! Only 2 undesireable things happened- my dad jumped in the waves with his cell phone in his pocket, and forgot to put sunscreen on the tops of his feet which burned and blistered later on. Oh, and we forgot the towels:) oops. But otherwise we had a blast building sand castles, jumping in the waves, and eating a picnic in the sand.

Tonito could play in the sand all day and not get bored:
See the oil platform in the background!?

We said this sculpture was in honor of Boo's tapeworm.
A minute later Maya sat on the turtle and smashed it-

On the way to the beach we rode the ferry (with our car!) and got to see a ton of dolphins jumping the waves- mamas and babies, and whole groups of them in front of the ferry.

A very fun day!

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