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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Family Party!

We had much to celebrate: Tonio's 30 something birthday:), Tonito's turning 5, Maya's turning 2, and Juan Enrique also had a birthday! Also it was our last day in Mexico, and we're leaving at 4am tonight/tomorrow morning. Tonio brought egg substitute with him (I'm really glad no one stopped him at the airport to question the unidentified white powder in a tupperware!) and I made a tres leches cake to celebrate the cumpleanos.

Fortunately, I married into a family of delicious cooks! My favorite souvenir of Mexico (on all trips, but especially this one!) is my notebook of recipes. I tend to carry it around to all family gatherings, and pester Tonio's mom, aunts, friends, and Grandma for descriptions of the delicious plates they made. This party was one of "taquitos," so everyone brought a filling, we bought dozens of tortillas, and stuffed ourselves with all types of savory tacos: chicharrones, chicken with poblano rajas, mole verde, a couple too spicy for me to try, chilquiles verdes, arroz rojo, etc, etc.

Here are some snapshots of the cousins enjoying each other one last time:

Tonio with his godfather (Tio Mayo) and Tia Tere.

Tonio and I with his parents:

Cousins Mario Enrique and Daniel:

Tonio with cousins Nathalia and Juan Enrique:

Tonio with his Grandma and other Aunt Tere:

The inflatable pool that kept the kids occupied for HOURS:

With our appetites completely satisfied, everyone watching the kids splash around:

Group picture of the growing family:

Most of the cousins with Grandma Tete:
The past month we have enjoyed exquisite dinners, loving company, lively conversations, amazing excursions, colorful markets, and numerous fun, family gatherings- thank you so much familia querida!!! Nos encanto convivir con Uds durante este verano- gracias por cuidarnos y consentirnos con tu amor!!! Ojala que nos podamos ver muy pronto!!!! Los mandamos mil abraozs y besos y siempre estamos pensando en Uds!!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved all the pictures and I'm sure you had a great time! Tonio's family is so much fun and so nice! Love, Mom