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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hiking up the Pyramid

This is how UNESCO describes Teotihuacan:

The holy city of Teotihuacan ('the place where the gods were created') is situated some 50 km north-east of Mexico ity. Built between the 1st and 7th centuries AD, it is characterized by the vast size of its monuments- in particular, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, laid out on geometric and symbolic principles. As one of the most powerful cultural centres in Mesoamerica, Teotihuacan extended its cultural and artistic influence throughout the region, and even beyond.

What they have told us is that only 10% of the whole complex has been uncovered. The 2 largest structures are the Pyramid of the Sun (the 3rd largest pyramid in the world) and the Pyramid of the Moon (smaller). The 2 mile Avenue of the Dead runs on a north-south axis, and ends in the Ciudadela (we didn't visit it this time, but this is where the Temple of the Quetzalcoatl is). The Ciudadela has evidence of brightly covered frescoes, and also skeletons of what are thought to be human sacrifices- they think the soliders offered captured enemies to the gods. All along the Avenida de los Muertos you can see the remnants of squarish stone buildings that were temples, palaces, and mini-pyramids. At its heights, Teotihuacan was home to more than 200,000 people! The area might have been inhabited 500 BC, but the construction most likely started 1 BC. The city was completely abandoned 700 AD for unknown reasons. No one knows who originally inhabited Teotihuacan- it was NOT the Aztecs (contrary to many web sites and incorrect guides). The Aztecs found the city- and gave it its name- 500 years after it became uninhabited. It is an amzing place to visit if you are ever in Mexico City!

Here we are just approaching the Pyramid of the Sun:

The three kids in front of the Pyramid of the Sun:

We left Maya with 'ita and 'ito, and Mario, Sandra and I walked with Tonito and Vivi up the Pyramid:

Here we are a little more than halfway up, with the Pyramid of the Moon in the distance:

Once we were back down, we walked around the Avenida de los Muertos:

Look Mommy, I climbed rocks too!

After a hot and sunny day, we went to a restaurant called "La Gruta," which is in a cave 20 meters down. I have been there a couple of other times, and it's the perfect cool place to relax and enjoy the candle-lit environment, brightly painted chairs and tables, folcloric dances, and marimba music. If you ever go to Teotihuacan, take the road behind the Pyramid of the Sun and ask for "La Gruta." It has been in business for over 100 years because of its delicious Mexican food and unique ambiance:

The kids had a blast clapping to the music, and couldn't take their eyes off of the dancers:
Vivi even got her picture taken with one of the dancers:

The literally wouldn't stop staring at the stage, even for a picture:

Babushka in Mexico? Maya playing with her napkin:

Tonito getting tickled for imitating Mario:


Anonymous said...

I love la gruta! I'm glad you got to take the kids there. Did the band play the typyical "gringo" songs like they did for us? Funny. dadxxoo

Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures! It brought back many memories! What cuties in the "cave"! Love, Mom