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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another amazing market

Mexico is the country of markets. OK, a lot of countries have incredible markets, the US just isn't one of them! A really fantastic farmer's market in the US would be a tenth of the rich produce at this small mercado, which in addition to produce, meat, herbs, chicharrones, snacks, candy, and prepared food also includes everything from 50 gallon aquariums and pets, "designer" clothes (pirated), hub caps, clay pots, and plastic toys exported from China. Here are some fresh pomegranate (served with lime and the optional chile) and avocados (with this type of avocado you ear the paper-thin skin!)--

Every fruit imaginable- the figs were divine.

I counted 12 types of dried beans at this stand. This speckled black and white bean was called "vaquitas" (little cows).

Moles, dried seeds, dried spices, dried everything.

Of course dried chiles. These tan colored chiles on the right are true smoked chipotles. Inhaling the scnet from the bag I brought, you feel the smoke in your nose as if it were on fire.

Gorditas de nata- a kind-of cream based crepe (no eggs).

Homemade candy in Mexico is an art. The transformation of sugar in infinite ways, shapes, tastes.

More dulces.

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