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Monday, August 10, 2009

Our loooooooooong drive home

We left Mexico at 4am (because remember the driving restrictions for out-of-state plates!) - it was cold, damp, dark, and the kids were asking for Little Mermaid. Tonio started driving, since I preferred not to drive in Mexico, and continued to drive the whole day almost! We made it to Monterrey by 1:30 and decided to just keep going. We did stop by the rattlesnake stand and get a couple of skins (that is the meat that is hanging, you had to specially ask for the skins). I'm not really sure why we bought them, except that it seemed interesting and we thought the kids might get a kick out of it. They are just salted and sitting in the fridge now until we have time to google "Drying Out Your Rattlesnake Skin." Notice the squirrel carcass:

That is too funny. Anyway, the views were beautiful and the highway was almost eerily void of traffic, not counting the huge semis of chickens and horses.

The view was similar to our trip south, with deserts and mountains peppered by "spikey" plants and short grasses.

Once we passed Monterrey we started to play with the idea of making it home in one day. I think the more Tonio thought about it, the more he was convinced. From Monterrey to the border, it took us around 2 hours. The border was less chaotic, because we didn't have to go inside to wait in lines- instead we sat in the long snake of cars and waited about 1 Disney movie to get to the front. Fortunately they did not chose our car for the "special" customs check and we said thank you under our breath as we passed the unfortunate souls whose cars and suitcases were being emptied and spread out on tables bending under the weight of the mountains of clothes, medicine, toys, furniture, books, and personal items of one SUV's 9 passengers. After finally crossing the border, changing our pesos into dollars, and getting the kids McD's ice cream, we headed on towards San Antonio and finally home. It was an exhausting trip and poor Tonio drove the brunt of it. The last couple of hours it felt like torture to keep my eyes open and I asked Tonio to take over again. What a relief to make it home safely!! I was so excited to sink into my bed (well, my rented bed).

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