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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Maya (2) and Tonito (5)!

Our little boy is growing up!!! 5 years old!!?? I can't believe it. He is now really into pirates and is starting to like Spiderman (though he has never seen it nor have I read any Spiderman books.. how do boys know what to like!?) So Grandma and Grandpa got him some great pool toys for our new pool, and Grandma made him an awesome pirate costume!

Of course when you put on a pirate costume, you have to take out your pirate ship to play with (and say aargh a lot).

Opening presents
Maya got a beautiful Little Mermaid costumer from Grandma!!! At first she was scared of it (?), but when Vivi put on her princess costume, she convinced Maya. Once catapulted into the spotlight, Maya happily hammed it up and sang and danced Mermaid songs the rest of the night.

Her favorite song is the "aah-ah-ah, aah-ah-ah" from Little Mermaid, which has an infitite number of "verses" (ah-ah-aahs) that keep climbing the scale higher and higher. Fortunately the pretty necklace she is wearing around her neck plays that line over, and over, and over, and over, AND the battery has an amazing battery life! Aren't we lucky!!!???:) Just kidding. Sometimes the necklace gets lots for a few days:). But back to the adorable costume!!!! She is a walking and dancing doll!!!

Tonito got his pirate costumer and LOVES it as well!!! Here he is trying to look mean. Tonito will never be mean hahaha, he is too sweet.

Here he is again looking like a "mean" pirate:

The kids requested another fruit pizza instead of birthday cake. Can you find the M and T of blueberries?

I can't believe that Maya is already 2. I hate when cliches are true (life is short, kids grow up too fast). I wish I could slow down time.

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Anonymous said...

We loved visiting all of you and celebrating your birthdays! Love, Grandma