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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lots of "news"- new house, new school (#2), new friends, new teachers..

I can't believe my 3 babies are going to school!!!! Today was just a meet and greet with the teachers, so technically they didn't have their first day yet (that will be Thursday). Each teacher has a great personality that complements each of the kids. Tonito's teacher is a little more on the disciplined side, making sure kids are paying attention , everything has a specific place, etc. Perfect for T! Then Vivi's teacher is very nice and was complimenting Vivi on her hair, and told her they would have lots of fun art projects, etc. Perfect for V! Maya's teachers are just awesome- one is a grandma from Limerick, Ireland, who Maya already adores and gives hugs (having just met her!?). The other is a little soft-spoken and a very gentle spirit, who Maya is drawn too- she is too intimidated by lively or energetic teachers (like me). I am so pleased by them and I know the kids will do really well here. But at the same time I am so sad that they are all so darn old and already going to school! Could everybody just slow down for a minute?

While I stayed at school with them, Tonio stayed behind and organized the movers. On the second day of moving, they offer to help you to "unpack." It is kind-of a blessing and a curse- at first you think "YES! Help me get rid of all of these boxes!" Then you realize that by unpacking, they mean empty the contents of as many boxes as possible onto every surface/floor of the house so that you are surrounded by all of your belongings mixed up and unorganized. Then, your kids come in and find things to play with, (not necessarily toys!) and step over everything to reach the glass pitcher that would make a perfect carrying pouch for their toy cars. Imagine every piece of article of clothing of my 2 girls, dumped on the floor. Now mix in all of my girls' clothes that are too small, too big, waiting to be donated, waiting to be handed down or sold- all in a huge- mostly pink- mountain in the middle of their room that the kids are jumping on like a pile of snow. But instead of tracking snow foot prints into the other rooms, the "tracks" are pink socks, and a sleeper that is too small for Maya, and a bunch of baby blankets I was hoping to donate. Aaaah.

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Dana said...

Oh my, you poor dear! What a mess!!! I'm sure you will get it all organized eventually. I HATE moving!! Your new house is so gorgeous!!! We are so happy that you are all together again, but sad you are so much farther away.
Rick is still in Baton Rouge and comes home once a month or so. Getting really tired of it!!