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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Closing Ceremonies

Today was the closing celebration of the Curso de Verano- we are so sad that a month has flown by so quickly!!! Above, Tonito is with his beloved counselors. Isaac, his favorite, is hugging him. Below, Vivi is with her absolute favorite Marhen, and Javier. Marhen won Vivi over on Day 1, calling her "princesa."

The closing ceremonies were a series of "cheers" and dances that the kids learned in the groups. I have videos of the dances that I will post once we are in the new house and I find my firewire cable! You have to see how cute the little rocking bumblebees are and how the Little Mermaids dance "under the sea." The little girl that danced with Tonito was hugging him, kissing him, holding his hand, and simply adored him. But when we asked Tonito about her he told us he had "lots of girlfriends."

The wiggling Mermaids:

If someone would have told me that my kids were going to memorize a 5 minute dance and perform it in front of a gymnasium filled with camera-toting parents, I never would have believed it. Yet as soon as I post the videos, you will see that not only did they perform it- they did a GREAT job dancing!

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Anonymous said...

How cute! Tonito was such a good bumble bee and Vivi was an awesome mermaid. I can't wait to see the video! Love, Mom