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Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving Day= 1st Day of School!

OK, the kids deserve their own post about the first day of school!:) They could barely sleep at night, SO EXCITED about meeting new friends at their new school! They will go to one school (private preschool, very chaotic, loud, fun, creative) 2 days a week, and another school (old-school, parochial, disciplined, organized, very loving) 2 days a week with Maya. This is not on purpose, but simply signing up so late gave us few choices and I didn't want them to only be in 2 days a week (especially after 5 days a week last year!). I think they will benefit from both environments in different ways and be stimulated differently as well. Plus they have more opportunities to experience different people and different ways of doing things!

When it was time to get in the car Vivi started to get a little nervous, telling me that she was "shy" sometimes.

I couldn't find Vivi's backpack and asked her to use her carry-on instead (which she thought was hilarious). They got to pick out their own clothes, and Vivi told me "anything pink" while Tonito wanted "McQueen!"

Literally as we were outside taking the obligatory pictures, our moving van awkwardly parked in the culdesac and started to unload.....

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Anonymous said...

Have fun at school! I know all of you will love it and learn alot! Grandma