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Monday, February 1, 2010

My computer is back!

Why have I been absent??

"Operating System Not Found"

This was the message that would appear on my laptop as I tried over and over to restart it.. to no avail. I tried to slowdown my racing heartbeat, and told myself that surely someone would know how to recover my photos and videos. I followed directions from HP on-line, talk to my awesome IT cousin, bought and tried an enclosure to see if anything could be recognized on my hard drive... and finally I broke down and visited my local Geek Squad. I asked the guy behind the counter "So I bet people either love you or hate you, right"... "Yeah, sometimes they want to hug me, and sometimes they want to jump over the counter and punch me." As he was taking apart my hard drive, I heard myself struggling to breathe... "please be careful with that" I heard myself whisper. He walked behind the counter, and within 5 minutes he told me "I have your data." "Wait, all of it?" Seriously, it could have been a Best Buy commercial.... tears, blubbering thank yous repeated. For $150 they recovered 100% of my data and put it on a 250 gig external hard drive.


Anyway, I am back and ready to go!!!

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