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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Zoo day!

I would be really surprised if one of my kids did not end up in some kind of animal career... or be an owner of a houseful of pets... or choose to live on an animal preserve in some exotic country. Vivi now has decided she is going to move to Madagascar and build a huge playground with climbing ropes and structures for all of the lemurs (because we read that their habitat of trees is being destroyed and she is sad they won't have anywhere to climb).

So since we can't afford a trip to Madagascar, the zoo is one of our favorite places.

They just can't get enough of the animals and run from site to site squealing. It's almost like they're filming us for a commercial, except instead of secret cameras watching us, it is other families looking into the cages to see what the excitement is about. And then they are surprised that the screeching is just us watching lounging animals. I hope the kids don't grow out of this stage soon!! It is so fun:).
After the zoo, Papi graciously offered to "watch" Maya nap in the car while we headed to a downtown park, where the kids played on the playground and enjoyed the season's first sno-cones. They begged to run in the spray park/fountain, but I wouldn't let them (so mean). It was a great Sunday!

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