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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dance Party and Possum Update

Here are some silly pictures of one of our evening dance parties. Vivi has high heels on. HIGH HEELS!?!?! My pre-tween also designs purses at preschool with her BFF Kaily (elaborately drawn on paper). She loves to dance and is begging me to get her into ballet, so as soon as things settle down and we see if Tonito needs OT, etc, we will get her and Maya into some kind of dance class. What is cuter than little girls in tutus??:)

So since we moved in, we randomly hear noises above our head as we are lying in bed. The first time it happened, Tonio went up to the attic above our room and didn't see anything. We assumed it was squirrels on the roof above the attic. We heard the noises a couple of other times, always just in the early morning. The last time, we heard the animals again. They sounded heavier than squirrels- maybe a cat-size. They were running back and forth right above our heads, and would scratch at the wood in the corner, and then run back. I woke up Tonio and we sat there looking up at the phantoms above our heads. He went up to the attic and didn't see anything. But when he came back down, the animals came back. It was nerve wracking to know there was something on our roof or in our attic, but we couldn't figure it out. I asked Tonio to sneak up and try to catch the bugger. He tiptoed upstairs, quietly opened the attic door... and saw the possum!!!! It looked at him, and disappeared in a hole that looked like it led into our bedroom. When we explored outside, we discovered a 10 inch diameter hole behind our air conditioning, where the cables lead into the house. No cover, no insulation, just a hole (pipe). I read on-line that possums eat cockroaches- welcome to the open house, all you can eat buffet! No wonder we were finding cockroaches in our office, the first stop on the tour. Since we blocked off the huge entrance, we have had no more visitors! For good measure, we did get a cage from animal control and prepare a sardine feast to see if there were any stray possums left behind. Vivi thought we needed to make the trap "more cozy mommy, so he'll want to stay." She also assumed we would keep him for a pet, so Boo and Mingo would have another sister (hmm, I';m not sure that the dogs would be as friendly as Vivi is imagining). If we did catch the elusive-and quite ugly- pests, the possums would be relocated to a nearby park. I was hoping they would blindfold them and spin them around 10 times so that we would have time to patch up the hole before they find their way back. I don't mind them hanging out in our yard and munching on any cockroach they find- it's just the climbing through our walls, ceilings and attic that was a little freaky.

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Anonymous said...

I love how all of you have such an imagination! Love the dress up clothes! Love, Grandma