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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some funnies and kitchen science

I painted the girls' nails, and they dried them by flying like butterflies...
Vivi: "Mommy I love your hair! You look like a clown!" ...(humidity=wild curls)
Tonito took his teacher's advice to heart. He now practices kung-fu most days: "Shao Lin Kung Fu" (screamed while doing kicks and cartwheels around our house).
Maya is using her bed as a life raft. One day she went down for a nap with Dora and her crib, 15 Mardi Gras necklaces, 6 books, a princess Barbie, stuffed unicorn, mini rubber frog, 3 baby dolls sans clothes, a bunny purse filled with Pirate money taken from Tonito, 5 little horsie blankets, and a princess magnetic story board. I later came to my senses and took away the dangerous necklaces...
I am 99% sure it was a coyote we saw running opposite us by the bayou (a mile from our house!). The kids loved it, and were mad when I made them quickly bike in the other direction. I think coyotes are afraid of people.. right?
After Maya went potty I asked her "Doesn't that feel better?" Her response: "No, chocolate feels everything better mommy."
And my top funny recently was Tonito:
Tonito: "Mommy the prince upstairs told us not to ride bikes today because it is raining."
Me: "The what?"
Tonito: "The prince upstairs! He lives at our school... He talks through the ceiling and tells us messages. The prince mommy!"
I was laughing so hard when I realized he was talking about the PRINCIPAL, who makes announcements through the ceiling intercom. hahaha, he now knows it is called the principal (somebody must have corrected him), but he still thinks he lives upstairs.
I got out some random science for kids books from the library, and now every day Tonito and Vivi ask me to do "experiments." "Freezing the balloon" experiment and "cleaning the old pennies with lemon juice" experiment didn't work, but mixing baking soda with vinegar did! (The other cups are milk, apple juice, beer and water).

They were so surprised when it started to explode! Actually I think they thought they were in trouble.

Then when they heard me laugh, they knew it was OK.

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Calmil2 said...

Such cuties!!! And the "Prince upstairs" story is hilarious and adorable....I love that one!!!