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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chinese New Year (part 3)

Chinese New Year celebration with the local FCC group! I love how the Lunar New Year can go on and on:). We started the month with the dumpling making class and the Chinese Consulate Reception , the had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant with many other families who have adopted from China, then I did a celebration at the kids' preschool, and tonight was the culmination of the "holiday season" with the huge CNY celebration. Tonito's Chinese outfit is SO short on him, it looked more like capris, so we decided his kung-fu outfit would be a great substitute (with the clause in fine print that there would be no actual kung-fu practiced on anyone:).

The big kids got unicorns and dragons painted on, played lots of games, had their names calligraphied, and enjoyed dumplings, rice, and noodle dishes.

The lion dance was a big hit, and Tonito reminded me once again how I promised that he could play Chinese drums when his cast was off (I found an instructor for regular drums, but he won't start Tonito until kindergarten). He watched in envy as the kids banged on the drums for the lion's rhythm, and I reassured him that when he is a little bit older he will be playing for people:).

The kids had a lantern parade--

and they spread out meters and meters of bubble wrap so when the kids marched around, it sounded like the traditional fireworks! I made a mental note for next year, in case I do something in the kids' classes again- what a fun idea!

It was a great party, and so fun to see the kids all running around with each other.

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