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Monday, February 8, 2010

ERGO and Painting Bread

So Maya really likes to be carried. "Cargame mommy!!!" Especially around 4:30, just when I am starting to think about making dinner. I decided to pull out the Ergo carrier, and she loved being able to twirl my hair and suck her thumb, while I made dinner. Once she had her fix of mommy, she got back down to play and Tonito wanted a turn.

Of course once he had a turn, Vivi wanted up... which made Maya get a little jealous:

And then Tonito was feeling a little left out.

My lovies.
Here's a fun winter activity: use food coloring to color milk various colors- then paint the colored milk onto bread. Toast or bake and voila! It works better on bread made into toast, but we did it on dough and made breadsticks this time. FYI: if your kids have the patience, this activity can take a looong time, and you will have the time to make the rest of dinner!:)

Maya loves to play with dough and ketp rearranging the breaksticks into crowded rows.

Vivi painted rainbows, which didn't show up as well after the bread was cooked! Again, this works better on white toast.

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