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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random, raw onions

This is a totally random post about Miss Maya and how she will try anything. My parents came in (YAY!!) for a visit, driving all the way from Chicago (over 2 days)!! We are so excited that they are here! For the first night's feast we made mole enchiladas.

Here is Maya, eating the raw onions (marinated in lime juice) off the very spicy mole. She was eating them like they were candy!? She is such a funny little girl!!! First raw cactus, then loads of olives stuffed with anchovies, fried crickets in Mexico and now raw onions with a hint of mole. I need to record this indefinitely in internet never-neverland so when she is older and only wants pizza, I have proof of her young global palate.

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