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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Old McDonald had a Farm (apparently in Houston!)

Saturday, April 4:
We visited a farm that was actually called "Old McDonald's Farm," which the kids loved. I can see their little brains ticking "Ah, so this is who they made the song after!" We are soooooo NOT country folks (I guess not even city folks, but rather suburban?)... So anytime we see an animal, it's kids screaming and running towards it, offering big hugs and grass to eat (they think all animals must love grass/leaves), haha, sometimes to the utter annoyance of the animals. (I was going to write "udder" annoyance for the cow in the picture but the only person who likes my puns is my sister Christy;). Anyway, the farm was great- lots of pens of animals waiting for the generic feed, 3 or 4 different playgrounds, a little train that looped the farm, and kids running crazy all over. If you put my kids anywhere near animals, they think they are in heaven. I think they think the animals enjoy it as much as they do:).

We pet and fed every single creature, rode the train several times, and climbed on the rundown playgrounds. The day was still young so we headed off to the Arboretum. Tonio saw my schedule for the week with his parents (while he would work during the day and come eat dinner and spend the night with us!:) and he really wanted to come with us on all of our field trips. We checked the map and the arboretum was really close to the farm, so we loaded up everyone and enjoyed the warm weather. I love garden, forests, anything outdoors. So kids were happy and adults were happy!

After our first full day with papi, we snuggled into our beds. We have 2 bedrooms each with a king-sized bed, so Vivi and Tonito have lots of room to roll around and lot of blankets to fight over:). Maya like to sleep in dark peace and quiet, so we set up her pack-n-play one of the big bathrooms (the one we weren't going to use!:). The kids LOVED the big beds, and asked if we could get some at home like these- sure, let's a get a king-sized for each kid!

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