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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick, empty the suitcases, do the laundry, then pack them again!

We had about one week between our trip to Mexico and our trip to Houston- which means one week to do a LOT of laundry. Of course the kids spring break did NOT coordinate with either of our trips (much to our chagrin and dismay!) so they were out of school for 3 weeks total, ugh.
On the bright side, Maya is chatting up a storm- I am amazed at everything she says!!!! In addition to single words, here are some recent spoutings:
-I did it!
-Can I see it? (cai-see-it?)
-No, mama (her favorite; she also likes No, Bouddica; No, Mingo; No, Toto; No, Vivi; the possibilities are endless!)
-Hi guys!
-Mio! Maya! (mine!)
-All done
-Go Diego Go
-Cargo? (from me asking her "te cargo?"= "should I carry you?" SO she is actually saying "I carry?"
-aaamonos (Vamonos, said while trying to snap her fingers. She also says Go mama, go!)
-Princesa (princess)
-Ven mama! (come here mama!)
-Aqui (over here)
Recently she also began singing her ABC's, which really just sounds like "AECEECD"...
Eating lunch with our cousins Sam and Nate!:)

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