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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Duckies and the Science Museum

Tuesday, April 7:
We woke up hearing the ducks quack, and so we had to feed them breakfast! I think this was the first time Tonito and Maya had ever fed ducks, so I psyched them up telling them the ducks were really hungry, and were waiting for us. They could stand on the balcony and see them sitting by the side of the lake, and the kids were quacking at them for a half hour before we were finally ready. Maya wasn't scared at all, even though the ducks were coming right up to us and trying to eat out of their hands. However, she wasn't very interested in sharing her bread (she would "fake" throwing it and then quick eat it).

This picture below has a story with a scar to remember. I had the good idea to take a picture of the kids hanging- but I told them to wait until I was ready before they hang so they wouldn't have to wait a long time. So I get the camera ready, both kids are holding onto the rings ready to lower themselves down, and I tell them to go ahead. Vivi started to hang. Then Tonito let go of the ring, took a step back, and then took a flying leap with his eyes closed, and of course missed the ring completely and literally belly-flopped flat on his face on the little stones. The side of his head was all cut up but he got back up and kept playing after some magical kisses. Poor little guy!

The Houston Museum of Natural Science had a free night, and we took advantage of it to meet Tonio after work. The dinosaurs were a big hit, as were the animals.

Forecasting the weather with the blue screen.

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