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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earth Day and a Vivi update

Happy Earth Day! We studied the 3 r's and recycling, and learned about the water cycle. There is a story on-line that explains the water cycle in a really simple way:

It was fun to boil water and collect the condensation on a glass pie pan until it "rained." We also played with cotton balls (clouds) and and saw how they soak up water until they become so full that they rain. (but even more fun is splashing each other with the "clouds" until your pj's are drenched). There are some great Earth Day books geared towards little kids that we took out from the library that show why we should recycle, what happens when you recycle paper and they reuse it to make new paper instead of cutting down more trees, pictures of garage dumps, and ecological reserves. Vivi was SO impressed that she had tears in her eyes and said "people are cutting down the trees and the lemurs won't have homes! We have to plant more trees for the lemurs, mommy!" I had never mentioned anything about lemurs, but anyone who knows Vivi's absolute passion for animals (especially her beloved lemur) can imagine the wheels turning in her head, and the logic that led her to her desire to go to Madagascar. She asked if we could move there to plant trees.

Speaking of Vivi....

Vivi is a great combination of girly-girl and tomboy. She loves princesses and dresses, dressing up with jewelry and tutus, and everything PINK. But then at the same time, she loves to wrestle and rough-house with Tonito and digging in the mud for bugs. Her passions are all things animals, and reading books (many times about animals). She has an enormous imagination and makes her animals talk (in a very high-pitched voice) and act out dramatic and very detailed stories (usually someone getting stuck somewhere and the others come and rescue). Another favorite toy is the vet kit, especially now that we added some real bandages. When not saving the creatures of the world, she likes to draw elaborate (abeit stick) pictures of them. I hope to scan and post some of her illustrations soon!:)

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Laurie said...

That is such a pretty picture of her. Hope the moving preparations are going well!