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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hermann Park- downtown Houston

Sunday, April 5th:
Our first day with 'ita and 'ito (the kids' nicknames for their Grandma and Grandpa). They took a very long bus ride from Mexico City to come to Houston with us, and we were so happy to see them! We went to the downtown of Houston and spontaneously found a Children's Festival! The kids met Sid the Science Kid- Vivi kept saying "but he's not a real person, right?" I thought 4 year olds were still young enough to believe in characters?? Anyway, we also saw some crazy motorcyclist above us on a tightrope, the Easter bunny, and randomly the kids were chosen to take part in a cooking class! The first thing they did was make the kids promise to eat whatever was put in front of them. Then they gave everyone little cups of "B" food: broccoli, beets, and brussel sprouts. The first kid to eat them got a prize. Our 3 kids each finished all 3 of the veggies! Yay, but we are slow chewers so they didn't officially "win." So the kids got to make a tasty vinegrette with a healthy and hearty salad with lots of veggies, raisins & nuts. Again they all ate the salad and made their mama proud:).

After walking around the festival, we headed to Hermann Park for lunch and the splash park. First the small arches of water would entice all the kids to come out and innocently splash around. Then all of a sudden with no warning, the arches would triple in size and soaked kids would be screaming and shrieking and running in every direction in a panic. It was so funny.

We dried off playing at the nearby park. Good thing the weather cooperated!

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