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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Houston Zoo and going home

Saturday, April 11:
One of the kids' favorite places in the world is the zoo, so no matter where we travel, we try to incorporate animals of some kind. So of course we couldn't leave Houston without a trip to the Z-O-O. We saw the usual lion, tigers, and bears (promoting Wizard of Oz), and also got to see a colony of flamingos, a hidden red panda and rioting meerkats when someone else's kids threw popcorn into the cage; we pretended we were eagles and prairie dogs, and got scared by the komodo dragon when it bumped into the glass (the kids thought all dragons breathe fire and were relieved that this one did not). It was humid but surprisingly cool, so the splashy parts were closed- but we did enjoy the palm trees and tropical foliage that was so different than our Midwestern landscapes!

Now that I'm a "pro" at successfully travelling alone with 3 kids (haha) the "short" flight was a piece of cake. Well, let me rephrase that. It was a lot easier to travel to and from Houston alone, than to travel internationally with Maya's ear infections. The kids were pretty good, and we were prepared with lots of snacks (the key to good behavior) and coloring pages, play-dough, books, etc.

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