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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Horse-back riding and the Children's Museum!

Thursday, April 9th:
My alarm this morning sounded something like this: "Mommy- we HAVE to feed the ducks! Look-" (opening the curtains to show me) "they are waiting and they are HUNGRY!" So we quickly ate breakfast and I looked around for something to feed the ducks. Yesterday we finished the last of the bread.... then I saw the conspicuous blue family size Frosted Flakes box, that Tonio bought in a nostalgic moment in Walmart, reminiscing about his family vacations as a kid. There was no way we were going to finish the HUGE box, so we decided to share our sugar with the ducks. (OK, Tonito and Vivi shared and Maya just had a second breakfast;).

Our resort had a little mini-golf course, which the kids enjoyed with 'ita and 'ito while I went running:

The resort where we were staying also had horseback riding! The big kids, especially Vivi, was SO excited to ride a REAL pony. With Vivi (led by me) on "Cricket" and Tonito led by 'ito on "Peaches" we walked the trail. Their smiles could not have been bigger as they clutched the reins for dear life, and then slowly relaxed and enjoyed the bouncy ride.

I had read that the Children's Museum was free on Thursdays from 5-8- which was the perfect opportunity for Tonio to meet us there after work! One great benefit of having such warm weather year round is that you can have activities and stations outside. They have an awesome water area that was packed with kids enjoying the heat.

Shopping for food:
Amazing water play area!

Watching the little chicks hatch.
Outside the green house...
Dance party! Catch the lights!


Sallymander said...

it looks like you had a great trip and went to a lot of neat places! if bob ever goes to houston on business, maybe ben and i will have to tag along!

Sallymander said...

p.s. we had a great time with you all yesterday...thanx for coming over! ben was in a great mood for our social worker's visit afterward. :o)