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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Woodlands

Friday April 10:
We had heard about an area north of Houston called the "Woodlands," and it sounded like a fun place to spend the day with kids. It is extremely forested compared to southern Houston- trees everywhere, green, gardens, rivers, lakes. It is very family/kid-oriented, and there is a nice mall in the downtown that has a Children's Museum. It was perfect for 4 year olds with lots of pretend play and dramatic play areas. Check out Vivi and Maya doing "surgery!"

After the Children's Museum, we brought our picnic lunch to a little park in the downtown area of the Woodlands. What a nice area! It is a walkable downtown right in the middle of a forest, with a meandering river and riverwalk, and little boats take people through the canals. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and we ran around with a beach ball and bubbles (2 toys that pack well for vacations!:) and enjoyed the gardens and fresh air.

Love to snuggle in a soft and cozy hotel bed!!!

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