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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Princess Maya Bruiser

Update #3: Maya (last but not least!)
She might be little, but her smile and presence are not. Our sweetie-pie Maya is cuddly, silly and smiley, but defends her toys (and takes the other kids' toys) with a ferocity unexpected in her tiny little body! We talk a lot about "being nice" but everyone knows she has Tonito and Vivi wrapped around her little finger, who frequently lend her their beloved t-rex and lemur. On the other hand, she follows them around constantly and believes she is 4, like they are. Every morning I do the kids hair with them sitting on the bottom step. As soon as they are done, she sits down and says "hair mommy." And I have to use the same spray bottle and comb and she will sit there for as long as necessary for me to put in a little pony tail or just comb it. So cute!!! But she also follows them when they are running around crazy, and has many, many bruises on her head to prove it. Her recent head injuries: 1) diving off the piano bench into the ceramic floor in Mexico 2) slipping on wet bathroom tile and hitting the side of her face on the floor 3) running around as a "lion" with V and T and running smack into the door jamb (think purple unicorn bump) 4) running into my mom's stove and getting the scariest goose egg yet. Maya, slow down!!!!
She loves to give hugs and kisses, almost as much as she likes to get hugs and kisses, and is attached to my leg sucking her thumb the majority of the afternoon. In the morning we like to go on walks and look for "tweet tweets," as she calls birds, and read lots and lots of books. Maya is talking more and more, and we understand what she is saying more and more:

-"princess" (can you believe she already says princess!? we can't, except Vivi, who is very proud)
-"seatbelt" (she is obsessed with wearing the "seatbelt" in the highchair, stroller, etc)
-"I did it!"
-"I do dit!" (meaning I want to do it by myself!)
-"Don't do dit!" (see the pattern? I think she thinks the first one is "I di dit")
-"Te quiero" (I love you in Spanish)
-"I'm sorry mommy"

OK, the last funniest thing that she just started doing: I was in the kitchen making lunch, and Maya was playing with the princess castle. All of a sudden I hear her singing "aaa-aaa-aaa, aaa-aaa-aaa" and recognize it immediately as the Little Mermaid song! She was holding Ariel, and making her sing to the other princesses. She would make her say "Hi everybody" (hi ery-bah-ee) and then starting singing:). So I would sing with her, she would laugh, and we kept playing this way for a while. Then a couple of days later she started it at the breakfast able. Tonito joined in, and immediately Maya frowned at him and said "Don't do dit!!!! I do dit!!!!" until he stopped. Then she would smile and keep singing until he would start again (repeat and repeat). Fortunately Tonito also thought it was hysterical and kept playing the game with her until she was laughing too.

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