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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad!! (2)

After our brunch, we headed over to my parent's house. Our family is getting so big- I love it!:) We did miss Tonio's brother and sister and their significant others, I would love one day to have the whole family up from Mexico for Christmas! But this year we were lucky to have Tonio's parents in for the first time to celebrate Christmas with us- and we had a blast!

From my parents, Tonito got a great pirate ship with all of the fun accessories: a shark, whale, octopus, lots of pirates with swords and shields! Then Vivi got a beautiful wooden princess castle (to go with her princesses from Santa!) Can we tell they are in the "dramatic play" stage???:)

I can tell you, writing this blog weeks after the presents were opened, these toys are the favorites, that provide hours and hours and hours of quiet (and loud) play!
Maya-boo got a ride-on horsie:

and all 3 kids got dress-up clothes that Auntie Colleen and Uncle Timo HANDMADE!!!! We now can dress-up as a knight, dragon, and we have 2 cloaks. What an awesome gift that you definitely cannot find in stores:).
Here's me with my new bread machine:

We made a very non-traditional, but delicious dinner:
Filet mignon with creamy mushroom sauce, herbed new potatoes, asparagus:

and then we relaxed in front of the fire while the kids played, and played, and played.

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