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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Time to catch up! Vivi turns 4!

We celebrated Vivi's 4th birthday with a "kid" party- a first for our family. She is very good friends with several boys in her class, and wasn't exactly thrilled that her party was going to be just the girls. So we caved in and invited the entire preschool class, knowing that many wouldn't be able to come because it was the first weekend of break. It worked out perfectly! Vivi had 2 of her good girl friends (Ana Maria and Marisol were out of town, but Isabella and Danielle came) and then many of her boy friends (er, friends that are boys) came, which also thrilled Tonito.

We first decorated goodie bags, then played the bean bag toss. To burn some energy, we danced to several song, including our old favorites: bean-bag dance, and bop until you drop.

After getting wired, we brought out the piñata. Traditionally in Mexico the piñata is used during Christmastime, but we're close enough! I was really, really nervous about an indoor piñata, and in the dining room no less with ceramics, and plates on the wall and our chandelier. Fortunately my parents, Tonio's mom, and another mom and dad stayed to help. I think with that many adult bodies I felt "safer" among the bat-yielding, sugared-up 4 year olds. The piñata was a huge hit!!! (haha, no pun intended). I filled it with tootsie-pops, goldfish baggies, and curious george snacks. The adults then secretly redistributed the candy more fairly while the kids ate lunch.

After the piñata, we sat down for lunch. We made mini bagel pizzas, hot-dogs wrapped in croissants, carrots sticks, grapes, and a choice of apple juice or milk:).

After lunch, the kids really, really wanted to open presents. This was mass chaos, with all of the kids throwing their presents at Vivi, some of the kids opening their own presents and then showing Vivi what they got her, cards were mixed up, and I really don't know which presents were from which kids (I caught a couple at the beginning). I was hoping for a little more organization so that I could write thank you cards, but everyone was way too excited!!

After presents we used foamies to make picture frames. While the kids were eating lunch, I printed the picture of all the kids on the couch. Then with all of the extra adult help, the kids decorated the frames, and we stuck in a picture for each child to take home in their goodie-bags. They turned ou really cute and Vivi and Tonito both proudly display their "friends" in their rooms. After the craft we had cupcakes (egg-free for Vivi!).
Reading all of this, I am getting tired just remembering how looooooooooong 2 hours can be with 9 preschoolers (it seemed like there were more than 9!?). WIth 15 minutes left and no more activities, I quickly read a couple of books, and then brought out our box of instruments for marching around the dining room to music. I think my 7 years as a camp counselor paid off 10 fold at this party. Forget my years as a high school teacher, at this party I had to be a goofball clown, losing my voice, and dancing around to keep them entertained, corralled, and smiling. I was so exhausted after the party, and that evening Vivi asked "Can I have my birthday again tomorrow?" I think that means it was a success:). "No chiquita, we have to wait a whole year before we have another birthday for you."

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