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Friday, December 19, 2008

Our shared birthday: winter preschool program and Navy Pier with Luke

What a busy, busy day it was! Today is both Vivi's and my birthday- yes, we share a birthday even though Vivi was due Dec 7th, and I was induced Dec 17in the early morning. Against all odds my first baby was born on my birthday 4 years ago and since then I have never aged another year;).

In the morning we went to the preschool's winter program- so cute! The kids had learned so many songs to sing for us, and kept waving and smiling at their fan club in the audience. The paparazzi was incredible- the amount of cameras and handycams easily rivaled the Grammy's, although our artists were shorter, cuter, and better behaved.

We let Vivi open a couple of presents, since it was her "real" birthday today, and we wouldn't be celebrating it until Abuelita came from Mexico on the weekend. This year Vivi got some new outfits and some My Little Ponies (her newest discovery!).

The next day, we headed off to Navy Pier to meet up with Tonito's buddy from Urumqi! His dad was in for a conference in Chicago and we took advantage of it to play at the Children's Museum with them. Tonito talks about his friends (he calls them brothers) from China ALL THE TIME. He still calls them by his nicknames in Chinese for them, although we keep trying to reinforce their new names (which are not new anymore!). So apparently Tonito used to call Luke "Bo-Bo," because we can't convince him otherwise. Anyway, he and Luke just took up where they left off, exploring the museum together and acting silly on the pretend ice skating rink:
Lily is as adorable as ever, and Vivi LOVES to play with her and imitate anything she does. It works out perfectly that we each have a son and a daughter around the same age!

We shared lunch with them and then we had to say good-bye because they were off to visit some other friends in the area. It was so good to see them, and Tonito really enjoyed being able to see Luke in person. It is hard to explain distance to him- Tonito frequently asks if we can go "play with Xin Suo (Drew)" and I try to explain that he lives too far away. So then he asks if we can go to China to visit him. Well Missouri is not THAT far away:). I hope that we can continue to maintain the kids' relationships with each other- how valuable!! As far as Tonito is concerned Luke and Drw are his brothers, and Gillian is his sister, and he loves them so much.

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