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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celebrating Vivi's 4th birthday (oh year, and mine)

My 2 brothers...

We celebrated 3 birthdays: Vivi's 4th, and my birthday and Tonio's mom's: 3 saggitariuses (is that a word?) who all are optimistic, adventure-loving, and free-spirited:). Vivi has always, always loved animals, and because of that we have no baby dolls, but a growing collection of Schleich toy animals (so realistic!). She loves making them talk, making them rescue each other, playing with mommy and baby pairs, having birthday parties for them, picnics, parties, you name it, she loves, loves animals. So this year she "discovered" ponies, and her coolest present was a large wooden stable that my dad made, with a collection of the Schleich horses, and horse blankets that my mom made. This picture is the only one I have- it is a weird angle and for some reason Vivi doesn't look happy, but really she LOVES it! This is one of those toys that keeps Vivi entertained for hoooours- it is so cute to hear her pretending!

She mixes the realistic ponies with the "My Little Ponies," and tells everyone that they are all friends:). So keeping with tradition, we each got our "own" cake, and I made a Mexican feast: homemade guacamole, salchichas with lime/cilantro/chile, jicama with the same, sopa azteca (sopa de tortilla), homemade chicken tamales, beans and rice (of course, for Vivi), and other goodies.

I can't believe Vivi is already 4!! She is an eager learner, my queen of imagination, curious about everything, independent, strong-willed, giggly, compassionate, intuitive, animal-loving, future-cross-country-running, world traveling, silly, singing, dancing, artistic, book-loving, no-napping, fruit-loving, dramatic, playful, cookie-making, beautiful, smart, and precious princess. Her preschool teacher told us she is a natural-born leader who includes everyone in her very imaginative play, and we couldn't be prouder of our sweet Vivi.

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Toys: Animals
Favorite Food: Black beans/rice, any fruit, peanut butter, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes
Favorite Movies: most Disney (with the "scary" parts fast-forwarded), Land Before Time, Cri-Cri, Monster's Inc
Wants to be a Mommy and an animal doctor when she grows up

Here is a recent picture of Vivi organizing a dance party in the dining room- she got everyone dressed up and requested blasting dance music. Tonito and Maya happily obliged:).

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