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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's too quiet in here...

I haven't updated in a looong time! Vivi had her birthday, our inlaws were visiting for 2 weeks, we went to Wisconsin for a mini-break, and now the kids are back in school (whew). So I'm attempting to catch up! The picture is Maya emptying out Vivi's dresser. I knew it was too quiet!!!

Our little Maya turned 15 months at the end of November. She is now walking, climbing, and TALKING. This little girl says so many words and always lets everyone know what she wants. She knows some sign language (more, eat, milk, drink). She beats her chest like a gorilla, uses her arm to be an elephant's trunk, claps her arms like a crocodile, bounces 2 fingers like a bunny, and howls up to the moon like a wolf (aa-oo). She says baa, woof, wow-wow (dog), mao (meow), oink, moo, kak (quack). Maya calls papi "baba" (about a million times a day) and mommy is "mama," she says Vivi and "To-to" (Tonito). She also can say "co" (Nico), "Mimi" (Emily), "een" (Colleen), Tim, Didi (Christy), and uma, umpa for Grandma and Grandpa. She loves saying "up" and her absolutely FAVORITE word is NO. I have to tape it (it would be hard to tape Maya without it appearing) because the way she says it is hilarious. She sounds like a cross between my Grandma M half-laughing/half-scolding someone and a preteen with an attitude. She says so many more words: baby (bebe), mas (more), book, look, choo-choo, ya (all done), me, owie, gracias (seriously she says gracias!), agua, 'eche (leche=milk).
She is really, really clingy sometimes and her favorite place to be is on my hip, sucking her thumb and twirling/playing with her hair. Frequently while I am making dinner she is just holding onto my leg and sucking her thumb, following me around while I chop, season, and stir. She doesn't like her car seat and prefers that someone hold her little hand in the car (she has us completely trained as our arms fall asleep twisted from the front into the back seat, and if we dare to let go for a minute she screams and we immediately appease her again). Maya LOVES books, and will sit for hours if you read (and re-read) her books. She also loves baby dolls and rocks them kisses them over and over, hugs them, and pats them.
The one definitive action that is completely Maya is her little dance. She has been a dancing baby since she was about 6 months old, and now whenever I sing or we put on music she likes, her shoulders and hips start wiggling and bopping. It doesn't matter if you are rocking her to sleep, making her breakfast, or changing her diaper (or even in the middle of a tantrum)- if you start singing, she will start dancing and smiling. It is way too cute, I think she is going to be a salsa and merengue dancer.

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