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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pump-It-Up and Burn off some Energy!

27th: Fiesta! We celebrated with my dad's side of the family on Saturday after Christmas. I have a huge family with a million cousins around my age, and there is always something exciting going on- this time my cousin Julie is getting married!!!! We are so excited for her and Alan!!!

My gorgeous 2 cousins and my sister:

We are descendants of Slovenian royalty, and our castle is still waiting for us in Slovenia. Here, the 5 princes and 1 princess model their new duds. In order to protect the royalty's identity I chose a picture without their faces;). One day I will post some other pictures of other "gifts" they have received from various foreign emissaries. The gifts especially show up at weddings- at our wedding the Mexican President sent sombreros, at Annie's wedding, the German chancellor sent steins (Peter's dad is from Germany), at Tim and Colleen's wedding the Irish president sent carved Irish walking sticks, etc, etc. I am so excited that Alan is from England;), and I can't wait to see what gifts the princes get from the Queen!!!! My family is a riot.

"Little" Sam and Maya (note: contrary to cheek size, Maya is several months older:).

The 5 buddies in their Christmas outifts:

28th: Awesome brunch at Tim and Colleen's house (her Irish soda bread is to die for), and the rest of the day was shopping and packing!

29th: Some call it Mexican Train Dominoes, others call it Cubano, but either way, we love to play it, enjoy company, eat (I made some pork tinga:). The great thing about dominoes is that you can have people speaking Spanish and English, all playing the same game and pretty much understanding one another! This is why both my parents and Tonio's parents (and my bro came) all were able to play together (unlike the obvious pictionary or any other game that requires communication). We have found it is even easier to understand one another when tequila or Bailey's (or slivovic) enters the party.

30th: We went to Pump-It-Up in the morning, along with many other kids who were off school! If you've never heard of this, it is a warehouse-type space filled with moonwalks, or blow-up playground equipment like slides, climbing walls, obstacle courses, etc. The kids can't really get hurt (except from the random bullies- where are their parents??) and the climbing and running and jumping just wear them out in a fun sort-of exercise way. Maya just toddled along, except when I carried her up the slide with me. She is so happy just to be carried in my arms, on my hip ALL DAY. Maya is my cuddly, huggy, mama's girl who really just wants to be rocked and hugged and apapachada (cuddled) all day long in my arms. Fortunately I have a couple of different baby carriers so sometimes I can carry her and cook dinner;).

So after Pump-It-Up we went to see The Tale of Despereaux, which I thought would be appropriate for little kids seeing as it was rated G. It was kind-of a weird story about soup being banished because a queen died when a mouse fell in her soup. There were parts of the movie that were really, really scary for Vivi (spoiler alert: the dragged in the princess, who was tied down, into a coliseum with hundreds of cheering rats, who at the gong, all pounced on her until the "good rat" released a very scary cat who raced to eat the "bad rats." Vivi was crying because 1) she loves princesses and 2) she loves all animals. why did they have to make it so scary???) Tonito was a little scared too, but maybe because Vivi was crying and Tonio was trying to pass her over the handrail to me (since I played on the floor with Maya for most of the movie).

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