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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad!!!!! (1)

We are so blessed! On Christmas Eve, we put out special reindeer food in the snow (glitter and oatmeal), cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for Rudolph, and a letter that the kids helped to write that claimed "we were good all year." hmmmmm;). On Christmas morning, we woke up and got the cameras ready- this is the first year that the kids actually "get it-" and also the first year Tonito has ever celebrated Christmas! Don't worry- he caught on fast (and both he and Vivi went to sleep on Christmas night asking if it could be Christmas every day).

So in the morning we came down and saw the cookie crumb evidence. They were SO EXCITED- their imaginations play a huge part of their lives right now and they take everything in and then their minds run with it. You can see their eyes getting big and the little wheels in the brains turning!:) One of Vivi's favorite presents was a set of Disney princesses, and then in the next picture is the Melissa and Doug pretend food kit that kids "cut" (it velcroes together) that her preschool teacher told me she loves at school:

Tonito got a great Imaginext Dragon, and he loved his Lightning McQueen backpack, and remote control cars:

Most of the presents were shared from the beginning- Vivi wouldn't put Tonito's dragon down, and Tonito was playing with Maya's hammer/pound-a-peg toy...
Maya however LOVED loved loved her baby doll. She just learned how to say baby, and recently we went to a "Posadas" (it's like a living Nativity set) at my mom and dad's church. In the nursery with my mom, she played with a baby doll for 45 minutes without putting it down! So I knew she would love it-

She got a little carrier and a stroller as well. It was soooo cute. She is so nurturing!!! It's funny because Vivi is definitely my "animal" girl, and we own no dolls because she claims she doesn't like them. Maya, however, didn't put her baby down and feeds it from the bottle, pushes her in the stroller, pats her back, and rocks her!!! SO CUTE!
We ate a delicious brunch of potica, blueberry buckle, tons of fruit, sausage, juice, and then headed to my parents house. (see the next post!)

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