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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at the Museum of Science and Industry

The Science and Industry Museum does "Christmas Around the World and Festivals of Light": an exhibit of more than 50 Christmas trees, each decorated by different community groups, each representing a different country. My grandma used to belong to the group that did the Slovenia tree:).
They are all set up in the main hall and are each decorated in the custom of the particular country- it is so beautiful and SO colorful! I love it. I love Christmas.
We took Tonio's mom and dad because we want to show them some of the traditions we do during the Christmas season. After the Museum we raced back to make it to mass at my parent's church. Of course it was so crowded, and we managed to get seats up in the choir loft by the organ. The music director gave Vivi and Tonito each the huge bells to ring during certain times- they thought they were SO special! Plus everyone at church would keep looking up to the loft to see the violinist, drummer, etc, and it seemed like they were looking up at our little bell players:). Then the last tradition we always do on Christmas Eve is have a huge dinner of appetizers that we make. When we were little we would call it "goodies," so of course we are teaching the lingo to the kids. After dinner Santa knocked on the window, and we knew it was time to go home and get ready for bed!! The kids were awed and amazed and speechless and took it VERY seriously.

Just for the record, Santa looked EVERYWHERE for a white work glove and couldn't find one in many different stores! Then Mrs. Claus spent a long time sewing the red sleeve and fuzzy white cuff. And all of this while they had to get ready for Santa's big night!

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