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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Swimming in February

This morning I ran a 10K (yay!) and we decided to relax a bit in the afternoon. The kids (except Maya) claimed that they were "hot" and officially opened our swimming pool today. We do not have a heated pool, and I personally thought the water was really cold (Ricky's teeth were chattering!)- but they swam for a little bit and laughed the whole time. Do kids just not notice the temperature!? We warmed them up by playing soccer in the culdesac. When I was getting ready for dinner, Vivi asked me:
"Can I be a grown-up? I want to learn how."
I told her: "Sure, if I can be a kid."
Vivi: "OK. Just play all day and don't do any work, that's a kid."
Yep, that's about right! Very clear perspective:).

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we forget to be kids... Te adoro!! - Papi