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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Ricky and Maya show

I have been having fun this spring taking Ricky and Maya on little field trips- just the 3 of us. Recently we went walking around some parks and to the Children's Museum. They had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting a little more individualized attention- and they both got to hold one of mommy's hands! (a frequently contentious issue when the 4 kids are together)---

Ricky and Maya make me laugh so hard, I feel like I am on a hidden-camera reality show about these phenomenal twins and their silly conversations with each other, incessant wrestling, goofy attempts to be big kids, and loony antics to outwit one another of favorite toys or snacks. They are turned on, with the volume turned up all day, every day. I try to explain to people how funny they are but I can't remember their exact words or imitate their facial expressions. I wish there were a hidden camera to capture their hilarity.
Two quick stories I remember:
1) The other day they were playing "storm" and throwing stuffed animals around saying "Hurry, it's coming!" Ricky had no clue what was going on, but still was laughing and saying "No good, no good!"
2) Later they were playing outside and Maya was trying to get Ricky to help her pick up some acorns. "Come on! It's gonna be really fun... like a party! Come on and pick them up!"
Ricky: "I tired, I wanna play."
Maya (squeezing his cheeks and yelling): "THIS IS FUN, DO IT NOW!"
I need to just start taping them and see what I can capture! In other news, I would love if someone could write to "What Not to Wear" and enter my name:)--- apparently my three year olds would like it as well.
I asked Maya if I could do her hair and she says "No.... I want it messy!!! Like you!" I was either crying laughing... or just crying!
Then literally the next day, I was dropping off Maya at school and Ricky goes: "There's a mommy in her pajamas-- just like you!!" Seriously. Just in my defense I was on my way to work out and did not sleep in the tshirt the night before (although I'm sure at some point in the past I had used it to sleep in:). Do my 3 year olds have more fashion sense than I?!

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Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh sooo much!!! I love the hugs Maya gives to Ricky (Amor Apache ;)