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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kindergarten Chinese New Year

I repeated almost the same activities for Chinese New Year with the kindergarten classes. I read 2 different books about Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin, and Dragon Dance by Joan Holub. It would have been better had I found a super-large book, so that the 70 kids could see better, but I think the props helped to keep their interest. About 5 other Chinese moms brought in a lot of other props so we had tons of Chinese lanterns, red banners with the beautiful calligraphied spring poems, fireworks, dragon marionetas, red clothes, some cleaning supplies, plum blossoms, etc. As I read the books, when I got to their object the kids stood up and displayed it for the other kids.

Afterwards the kids made Chinese lanterns, had a snack of koala cookies with the chopstick helpers (although SO MANY kids could already use real chopsticks, they got to be the "cool" leaders and show off their dexterity). The teachers each read one more book, and then on the way out I rolled out long bubble sheets and the kids paraded out carrying their lanterns- stomping on the bubble paper to mimic the "fireworks" used to scare away evil spirits. They love this part and were dancing and screaming and jumping to make as much noise as possible.

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