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Saturday, February 5, 2011

A birthday of PURE JOY

* Scroll down--- mid-post there's a video of the lemur:).

Today we celebrated Vivi's birthday in the most spectacular way- an animal birthday party, screeching kindergartners, and a ring-tailed lemur as the star guest. We started with an obstacle course and some "animal" races. Vivi did not know that we were bringing real animals, and she thought the whole party would be these animal games (jumping like kangaroos, crab walks, holding hands through your legs as if elephants holding onto tails/trunks).

Here are the creature snacks we made (thank you google-images for the ideas!)--

One last race before the surprise:

We called all of the kids over to the driveway and the woman began to talk about her different rescued pets- Vivi's smile could not have been bigger. We told the kids that Miss Pam would be showing them some different animals, and everyone got excited. Then we asked the kids (before they saw any animals) which pets they thought that she had brought and they all answered "dogs... cats... bunnies" and Vivi even said "I wish a lemur, but maybe a puppy?"

The kangaroo was awesome! It escaped halfway through the program when it knocked down its little cage-playpen. Apparently this lady lives on a couple of acres of forest and the animals get to go wild running around in her yard. The lemur will stay out in the backyard and then come up to the house to feed twice a day (I guess they raised him from a newborn- hand feeding him with a bottle and everything so we he is pretty trained).

Vivi and the macaw:

Radiance... pure joy... this is Vivi when she first sees the ring-tailed lemur. Giddy with excitement!!!! Her smile could not have been any bigger!!! This exact instant was my favorite second of the party.


He ate little grapes out of the kids' hands and was climbing and jumping around everywhere!

The animals were so entertaining- here's the Hoffman's two-toed sloth, which then climbed all over the tent.

Different porcupines and a kinkajou:


Look at the crazy snake-neck turtle!


and a huge boa!

Everyone had a really fun time, and ate cupcakes and snacks on blankets on the driveway:

Vivi was so happy- she kept saying "Mommy, a real lemur!!!! I saw a real lemur! I love you!" Of course she also announced that she would like to be just like Miss Pam and have a lemur for a pet. It was the most fun little kid's birthday party I could imagine (for a lemur girl that is:).

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Anonymous said...

I think this was by far one of the best parties we had ;) Your decorations were awesome - Papi