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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chinese New Year and Tball

We started the day with a huge Chinese New Year celebration at the consulate, arranged by the local FCC group. The craziest coincidence was the one of Vivi's friends from school was one of the Chinese dancers performing for the families! Her family is from China (she is not adopted) and she belongs to this dance group from Chinatown. We were both surprised to see each other there! The food was wonderful, the games and activities kept the kids happy, and it was nice for the kids to see so many families that look like ours.

This was a bit of a paparazzi moment (well, the above picture and the below picture)... When our family stood in front of the flags, a large group of Chinese journalists began to snap a lot of pictures of our family- I'm guessing we'll be famous on our next trip to China....

The kids had their names written in Chinese calligraphy:

In the afternoon, Tonito and Vivi had their first tball game! We are the Cardinals, it is our first time playing, and I pinky-promised that there would be other girls on the co-ed team. I was wrong. But 1) I let her choose her own (pink) baseball mitt, and 2) they had a race the first practice and she won. I think she'll get over being the solo girl.

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