Life with 4 kids 6 and under. Our trip to pick up Tonito in China is: mid-March 2008 through April 12. Our trips to pick up Ricky in Ethiopia are in June and August of 2010.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I am the luckiest mama in the world:). Today I got to celebrate Valentine's Day with my 4 beautiful kids at a red and pink Valentine's Day party at their school! Here is Tonito with his buddies:

and Vivi with her girlies:

Me with my two beauties:

and my 2 handsome boys:

Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend, who (despite not enjoying running) ran not only 1, but TWO marathons with me:)... my best supporter and biggest sweetheart Tonio!

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Anonymous said...

Miamor - No fue sino hasta ahora que te escribo algo acerca de tu nota. Solo para que sepas, por ti correria por todo el mundo con tal de estar contigo... Te adoro!!! - Papi