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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Garage Sale and a haircut

Our lemonade stand, and Ricky's haircut when papi takes him by himself:)---

Today we had our garage sale! There were 6-7 moms that participated, and we each made a couple hundred bucks- not bad! I think the key is to over-advertise on craigslist. We not only listed the garage sale, but individually listed many of the bigger items (car seats, treadmill, strollers, TVs, etc). The kids sold mini-muffins/lemonade for a quarter and they each made $7. Not bad! The day after the garage sale I was kissing Maya good-night and I noticed some "new" stuffed animals in her menagerie in bed.
Me: "Where did you get these 2 kitty stuffed animals?"
Maya: "I sneaked them from the place we sold muffins."
Me: "The garage sale? Did a mommy give them to you?"
Maya: "NO, I said I sneaked them!"

hahahahahahaha. That is stealing baby girl, but regardless, you are too cute!!!


Anonymous said...

I think she was trying to "rescue" the kittens ;) I hope Maya keeps being as funny as she is today (no pressure) - Papi

Anonymous said...