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Friday, May 21, 2010

Vivi learned to swim!

This picture of Maya trying on my shoes has nothing to do with this post!
Too bad I don't have a picture of Vivi or Tonito at Swim Team!!! We started the year off with one semi-swimmer (Tonito) and one swimmer that last year was terrified of the putting her face in the water (Vivi). The deal with Swim Team is that you practice every day for 1/2 an hour, from May through July. If you can swim the length of the pool by June 1st, then you can participate in the meets. I knew that Tonito would be able to do it- with him already kind-of doggy-paddling.. but more because of his bravery, determination and persistence. On his first swimming lesson 2 summers ago, the teacher told him to go underwater, and he did (though it was his first time in a swimming pool EVER). He stayed under water until the teacher motioned him to come up. He will try anything and is so trusting, he believes you when you say "You can do it!" He learned to dive on the first day, and after the first week, he made it across the pool:). I really didn't know about Vivi... We consistently showed up at the lessons every afternoon, and this time it was different: no crying, no fear in her eyes, no need to convince her to get ready for swim lessons. The first day they told her to try and dive in, and she tried! Today, after 2.5 weeks of lessons, Vivi learned to swim and doggie paddled across the whole pool! She kept sinking underwater and her coach would tap up her tummy to keep her above water-- but she made it across, all the while meeting my eyes with hers and making sure I was sharing this important moment with her!!!! I am so proud of both of the kids- of Tonito and his incredible determination, of Vivi's amazing courage, and of course of their newfound swimming skills! Bring on the swim meets!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both the swimmers! You guys are growing up too fast! I can't wait to see you swim. Keep practicing. Love, Grandma PS Maya you are too cute!

Lakisha Schillaci said...

Just continue with the courage to raise the bar and Tonito will be well on his way to be the best swimmer that he is. As for Vivi, a lot of encouragement still has to be done so that she can be as best. Teaching children to swim as the earliest possible time is truly a rewarding experience for them and for the parents as well.

Vive...rie...ama said...

Thank you so much Lakisha!:)