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Thursday, May 6, 2010

(Early) Mother's Day

The kids had a Mother's Day program at school, complete with a song and a flower (made with their handprint). It is still unreal to me that I am the mom of 3 (soon to be 4) beautiful, incredible, intelligent, funny, caring, curious, creative, and amazing children. I never imagined how deeply I would love my kids, and to this day I am still in awe of it. On Mother's Day I am also conscious of the moms who are not able to raise their children, and who instead planned a different path for them. My heart aches for birth mothers who had to make that impossible decision, many without knowing anything more of their son or daughter. I wish circumstances did not force families to be broken up, and hope in those that are, that there may eventually be peace on both sides.


Betsy said...

Hi - I saw your post on APC - for some reason, anything I try to post there never shows up. I don't know anything about WMM, but if that's not working for you, you might try a site called One True Media. I've made a bunch of videos with photos and short video clips there (they call them montages) and it is very, very easy to do and you can upload your own songs. I think the basic program is free but you can pay a membership fee and put in text slides and a bunch of fancy stuff (not sure, but you might need it for your own songs too). Someone pointed it out to me when I was looking to make videos for our kids, which I'd never done. You can email links to people or put it on your blog, or buy a DVD from them when you are done. There are probably other sites out there like it too. Anyway, thought I would share since I was able to do it and am not that techy either! Best of luck!

Betsy, Mom to 3 from China
here's our blog,there are a couple videos there (a page or so back I think, they look like a little TV screen)

Anonymous said...

I agree with that! Many children suffer many losses in their young lives, and hopefully being part of a family that is loving helps with their loss. Love, Mom