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Monday, May 31, 2010

San Antonio Zoo & Feeding the Lorikeets

During our 3rd day in the outdoor sauna we had some meltdowns, but pushed through and conquered the San Antonio zoo. The zoo was hot and sticky (surprise surprise), but way less crowded than San Antonio. The kids' (and parents') favorite times were spent in Lory landing- an exhibit where you can feed Australian lorikeets:

It was just nonsto laughter as the birds licked Tonito's hair and nibbled on Vivi's ponytail holders:

We bought little nectar cups and the lories ate right out of our hands:

Maya was a little cautious, but Vivi the zookeeper dove right in.

Guess who wants a pet lorikeet?

Vivi and Tonito really wanted the birds to climb onto their heads again and would stand perfectly still with their nectar, trying to attract the lories.

The zoo was huge and lush, and walking through the Africa Live! exhibit with the heat and humidity made you feel like you were truly walking across the savannah. Texas zoos don't really have a lot of indoor exhibits because it is nice weather year round (except when it is 100 degrees with 90% humidity). The downside of that, unlike in Chicago where there are indoor exhibits to protect the animals from the cold winter, there aren't many places too cool off! I think I'm talking too much about heat... The animals were great, the kids loved the close encounters, and we ended our weekend in San Antonio with some cold ice cream!

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