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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sea World Day 2!

Sea World day 2 was just as hot and humid as day 1! The kids were feeling braver and rode some different rides, we saw the famous (or now infamous?) Shamu from the first row of the stadium, and we played in the water to cool off. The kids loved seeing a whale that close and Maya was screaming "There's a orka mommy!" In the video (a little cheesey) that they show you in the "Believe" show, it is a boy who dreams of seeing an orka, and it inspired Tonito enough that he decided he might want to be a marine biologist:). Even though we realized it was Memorial Day weekend, the amount of people was overwhelming. Even more astounding was the amount of junk food the hordes of people were consuming. Maybe it was because Maya took a nap in my arms in an air conditioned restaurant and I watched the families file in and out with their lunches piled high- I just couldn't get over how many calories people could eat in one sitting.

The easy ferris wheel and "drop" ride gave them the confidence to move on to the water plunge ride. If you click on the picture you can see Tonio in the second row, khaki shirt, with his hand up! Vivi and Tonito are hugging him on each side! I guess they have gotten over their fear of scary rides!? I love roller coasters, so this will be fun once they are tall enough to ride the big ones!
Mommy and Maya spent some time together while they rode that plunge ride over and over. Like I said, Maya got to sleep for 2 hours in an air conditioned cafeteria! Poor baby needed to sleep.

There weren't any seats left in the huge stadium except the wet benches in the first row...
We did go into the water park for a little while on day 2, but we also cooled off at the little splash park they have:

An exhausting but fun day, but we stayed hydrated and no one got sunburnt! There were 3 in the bed, and the little one said "Roll over, roll over..."

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