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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recent Funnies..and a Kung-fu video

Here is the latest edition of "Recent funnies." I don't mean them to all be from Vivi, but she definitely is a talker and says some hilarious things:). To balance it out, I included an awesome video of Tonito at kung-fu! Can you believe that 2 years ago he wasn't running or jumping, much less doing cartwheels and backbends!!!???
Vivi last night at dinner: "Mommy Maya washed her hands-" Me, drinking a glass of milk: "Good, now start eating" Vivi: "No Mommy, LISTEN: Maya washed her hands IN your milk!"
What Vivi learned while I was on fb: "Mommy- I climbed on the bunk bed and put lemur on the ceiling fan and turned it on and she went flying! It's so fun!! You can do it with anything!!!!"
Maya: "Ten and ten ten." Me: "Hmm?" Maya: "Like huff and puff and blow da house down." hahaha= chiny-chiny-chin!
I just found a smelly, rotten Easter egg behind a frame in our house, and an exploded silly putty in the car, all over the seat.
Me, braising lamb for dinner, trying to explain to Vivi why some people eat meat: "Well, some people like it and it has good protein for your body."
Vivi: "But it used to be a real lamb Mommy! Are people going to start eating lemurs now??"
I'm ignoring the puddles of water on my floor from my kids traipsing from the pool to the bathroom and back- NOW I get why we have the first floor in ceramic tile!!!
Maya: Toto goes to kung-fu, papi goes to work, Maya go to ballet, Vivi goes to ballet.
Me: Where does mommy do?
Maya: She goes in the car!
Vivi: She cleans!
Vivi: "When I get bigger and have kids I'm going to tell you their names so you know who they are."
Maya: "He like my baby brother!"
(I point to an African-American man in the parking lot) Him?
Maya: "No, him!" (pointing to an older white guy)
Vivi: "Yeah, no hair!"


Heather BT said...

Impressive Kungfu skills Tonito!
Yes, I watched all of it!

Anonymous said...

Good job Tonito! I am very proud of you! Love, Grandma

deanna willett said...

Wow, he is a cutie! Looks like he really enjoys kungfu.