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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xochitla Eco Park

We went to Xochitla (so-she-tla), an eco-park outside Mexico City to eat an amazing brunch and let the kids run around. Even mommy got her daily exercise pushing the kids on the swings:

We played for an hour in the park

Climbed on the tree trunk

And then went to the delicious buffet for brunch: quesadillas made to order with your choice of zucchini flowers, mushrooms, different cheeses, rajas in cream, or chicharron. Everyone ate a huge plate of fresh tropical fruit with Maya devouring too many guavas and Tonito cleaning out the watermelon. There were many styles of eggs, beans, potatoes, sausages, soups, yogurts, and fresh squeezed juices.

After all the eating we took a train ride around the whole park

And then took a really long walk to different playgrounds within the park. We rented a stroller for the little ones (especially since Maya is still sick), and Vivi and Tonito took turns pushing it.
At the end of the walk, someone pointed out a caterpillar, and I recognized that it was a monarch caterpillar. When we looked closer at the milkweed, there were literally hundreds of monarch caterpillars devouring the leaves and lots of chrysalises as well. When I was little and lived in Minnesota we would collect the caterpillars and keep the in an aquarium, feeding them milkweed every day, until they would turn into butterflies. It was so fun to show the kids the different stages all at one time, including lots of monarchs flying around. Apparently it is in January and February when the tens of thousands of monarchs descend upon Mexico, so these must be just the beginnings of them. Very fun day!!!


Ann said...

HI! I create home movies/slide shows on my computer using Windows Movie Maker, most people have it, just look it up on your computer under programs. ALSO I notice you love to post alot of good photos. Have you tried the site you may enjoy that also, after you make the slide show, you just post the code as a blog entry and thats it! I do hope you try it. K

Anonymous said...

I remember the caterpillars in Minnesota! We loved collecting them and watch them turn into butterflies! It's so cool that you are able to see them in Mexico too! Loved the brunch menu too! Love, Mom