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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our living Nativity...

At the kids' preschool, every child was told to dress as one character from the Nativity. So here is our little Mary and Joseph (with a cast), along with a beautiful angel and Jesus played by mei mei.

It was a really cute program. Everyone sat with their parents, and as the Nativity story was read aloud, they would call for "all Mary's and Joseph's"... "all angels and shepherds"... "all animals"... "all Wise Men"... etc. to come to the front stage.

Mary and baby Jesus were a little shy, and wanted to stay by mommy almost the whole time. Joseph was a little ham however, and his smile was ear to ear. The angel was a little confused and kept referring to herself as a fairy princess.

After the program we had breakfast in the kids' classrooms, and then sat on Santa's lap. We asked Santa if he would be able to come tonight to our house to deliver presents, and he said yes!! That Santa, he's a nice guy. I'm not sure how he is going to finish shopping.. er making the presents by tonight, much less wrap them all! I guess he will be up really late!

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Anonymous said...

I have their picture of a shepherd, angel and Mary on my refrigerator, so I can remember their first acting experience! Love, Mom